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Tyringham and Post Farm, Lenox

Tyringham Valley
Post Farm, Lenox

June 8, 2024

Kathy and Myles Conway

Five members enjoyed a morning in the lovely Tyringham Valley on June 8, gathering a total of 70 species.  While doing roadside birding along Meadow Street and Breakneck Road we spotted Cliff Swallows and a Thrasher and heard a Blue-winged Warbler. Along Jerusalem Road we were treated to a lively chorus of Raven calls, presumably from a family roosting nearby.  During a short walk at Tyringham Cobble (a Trustees property) we saw Bobolink and two Kestrels, heard Field Sparrows and Indigo Bunting. On the way to Post Farm Marsh in Lenoxdale some saw a Green Heron.  At the marsh itself we all heard, and saw, a Marsh wren and a Kingfisher.  Two raptors soaring high above caught our attention and we studied them for a while, finally concluding they were Red-tailed Hawks. A trip to these locations never fails to produce something interesting. Click below to view complete species list.