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Ludlow Reservoir Morning Walk

Ludlow Reservoir

May 7, 2024

Howard Schwartz

Weather: Sunny day with low-50's at the beginning of the trip and low-70s at the end.

8 participants  

31 total species

It was a very casual walk on a flat, paved road along a very beautiful body of water.  The weather was very cooperative since it was neither too cold when we started in the morning nor too warm when we finished about 3 hours later.  There were not many birds singing so our species count was a little lower than it could have been if we would have heard more bird song.  This trip is scheduled early in migration so, depending on conditions, we can get many early warbler arrivals or very few.  This year we only had 5 warblers, a low count for the trip. We saw many of the regulars along the path as we walked about 1 1/2 miles.  Everybody seemed to have a good time, which is most important of all.  

Bird Highlights included a Broad-winged Hawk that swooped down over the reservoir and was seen by most of the people on the trip.  There were 2 Common Loons in breeding plumage, a Spotted Sandpiper sitting on a rock, and 5 Double-crested Cormorants on their usual place on some rocks on a small island.  We heard a Pileated Woodpecker banging on a tree and the five warblers were Ovenbird, Pine, Black-throated Blue (heard), Yellow-rumped, and Black-and-white.