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Photographing Birds at Stebbins

Stebbins Refuge

September 27, 2023

MJ Tash

A group of five birders/photographers gathered on this chilly morning, with temps in the low 40s as we began our loop walk at Stebbins.  We encountered beautiful spider webs, a deer running off deeper into the woods, and quite a few good birds as well.  The Red-winged Blackbirds were surprisingly numerous, as were Wood Ducks, Flickers, Phoebes, Chimney Swifts and Catbirds.  The warblers were few, but the two we encountered were seen well by all, Palm Warblers and Common Yellowthroat.  The bird we most enjoyed finding was the beautiful Blue-headed Vireo.  We had wonderful looks as it bounced from one shrub to the next in the few shrubs that towered over the tall grasses in the field.  Another special sighting for us was Swamp Sparrow, though he tried to evade us by burying himself in the low vegetation, we got glimpses enough to clinch the identification.  In the end we got great tips on bird photography as well as 21 total species. See species list below.