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Tyringham and Post Farm

Tyringham Valley
Post Farm, Lenox

June 10, 2023

Kathy and Myles Conway

Tyringham Valley is always a beautiful area to bird, and our half-day trip there in June did not disappoint, giving us a total of 63 species. Eight members spent some time walking a short way on the AT and at the Tyringham Cobble (a Trustees property), and again at Post Farm Marsh in Lenoxdale.  Otherwise, we did roadside birding.  Highlights included two Bald Eagles, a Kestrel, 3 Ravens, and 2 Black Vultures (seen by one who tried in vain to call attention to the rest of the group). At the Cobble we had nice looks at Indigo Bunting and Prairie Warbler.  We also heard a Blue-winged Warbler and one astute member heard and called our attention to a singing Yellow-throated Vireo. On Breakneck Road we saw about a half dozen Cliff Swallows, but did not hear or see any Snipe.

Post Farm Marsh did not disappoint either.  We all heard, and one person saw, Marsh Wren, and we all had very nice looks at a close Virginia Rail.  Both locations are easily accessible, easy to bird, and never fail to produce something interesting.