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Westover ARB

Westover Grasslands, Chicopee

May 20, 2023

Howard and Marcy Schwartz

After a few years hiatus due to COVID, three bird clubs (Allen, Hampshire & Brookline) were once again able to take a tour of Westover ARB. The weather was cloudy and misty for the trip, but we managed to score 21 species. The “hoped for” species include grassland species of birds, particularly Upland Sandpipers, Bobolinks, Meadowlarks and Grasshopper Sparrows.  All were seen by various people.  We were lucky concerning the weather since the forecast was for rain during the day, but the rain held off until the end of the trip when we were all back at our cars and ready to head home.  Westover supplied a bus to drive us to a few different areas where we might see our target birds.  

We had a lot of eyes to search the grasslands and many Upland Sandpipers were seen at various stops. We saw at least 5 Upland Sandpipers. Most people, if not all, had Bobolinks and some had a Meadowlark.  Despite the short grass, we saw a few Grasshopper Sparrows.  As a bonus, we also saw a Savannah Sparrow and a Killdeer sitting on her nest in the gravel.