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Dismal Brook, Granby, CT

Dismal Brook, Granby, CT

May 7, 2023

John Weeks

We had a nice turnout (18 persons) on a beautiful day.  Warblers continued to be scarce, but we had some excellent looks at many of the birds on the list.  I personally observed 45 species (seen and/or heard), including a pair of Mourning Doves at their nest, high up in a crook of a tulip tree by the pond.  Others in the group added a few more:  Broad-winged Hawks (2, flew over quickly and disappeared behind trees), Wood Ducks (2), Hooded Merganser (female), Chimney Swift and White-breasted Nuthatch.  A couple of ducks were either Mallards or Black Ducks; we couldn’t be sure, so I have left them off the list.  Only three of us were still in the parking lot at the end of the walk when an obliging male Black-throated Blue Warbler appeared.  It sat placidly on a low branch of a hemlock tree near my car.

My eBird report is below; it lists only the birds I observed.