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Woodcock Walk

Stebbins Refuge

March 30, 2023

Michele Keane-Moore

Sixteen people were present for the bird walk to observe American Woodcock flight displays in the north end of Burt Field at Fannie Stebbins.  The weather was clear and cold, but not too cold to discourage woodcock activity.  Approximately six woodcock were heard and took flight in this part of the refuge during the observation period.  Other birds included multiple ducks that flew over after dusk (with one female wood duck vocalizing), Canada Geese on bodies of water nearby (also evident by vocalizations), at least two American Robins (also vocalizing), and one Song Sparrow that was singing on our way into the field.  Large mixed flocks of blackbirds, Common Grackles and Red-winged Blackbirds (possibly other blackbird species) were observed along Pondside on our way in and were seen from our meeting spot.