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Blueberry Hill Hawkwatch & Picnic

Blueberry Hill

September 11, 2021

John Weeks

Thirteen members in total visited the hawkwatch site to help spot and count migrating hawks.  The weather was mostly sunny, with temps ranging from 64-73 F, and winds from the WSW 5-10 mph.  We did not have the push of Broad-winged Hawks that we hoped for today, maybe the wind was just not right.  No accipiters were counted at all, but we did count Osprey (3), Bald Eagle (2), Northern Harrier (1), Broad-winged Hawk (46), American Kestrel (2), and one unidentified raptor.  
In addition to the migrants, we saw some non-migrating hawks and vultures, including Black Vulture, Turkey Vultures (2), Bald Eagles (2; adult and sub-adult); Red-tailed Hawks (2). Other notable sightings were Mourning Dove, Chimney Swifts (5), Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (6), Northern Flicker, Blue Jay (who tried to trick us by imi-tating call of Red-shouldered Hawk), American Crows (2), Common Raven, Tree Swallows (4), Tufted Titmouse, Cedar Waxwings (20), warbler species (~6, none landed where we could see them). Red Admiral. Monarchs: 102 (clearly an under-count). Dozens of dragonflies, including at least 17 green darners that were likely migrants.