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Mt. Holyoke (Skinner State Park)

Mt. Holyoke - Skinner State Park

May 19, 2019

Janet Orcutt

Six participants met with an objective to glimpse the Cerulean Warbler.   Let me tell you right now, that we briefly heard and saw the bird.   Enough for me to tick it off my year list, but I will do the 'moderate' walk up the road with hopes to get a better view next time around.        

The Worm-eating Warbler?   Best view ever.   We stood on the road as the bird picked up nesting material on the opposite side of the road (eight feet away), sprang up to one branch, then another and then dropped to the ground to deposit the material in a hole.   It looked like a tiny elf home.  We watched it for quite a while and then proceeded to find that Cerulean.        

What next?  Vivid Indigo Bunting, Baltimore Oriole, Junco and female Scarlet Tanager - all viewed from the porch of Skinner House and looking down.   On the walk down, we cruised slowly, hoping to get that Cerulean.   We got the brief view, but also saw a Yellow-throated Vireo, Great Crested Flycatcher, Black-throated Blue Warbler and perched Pewee do his thing.  Back down at the halfway house, we stopped to review any new birds after briefly watching the Worm-eating and listening to the Winter Wren.  The Cape May Warbler had stayed put while we walked uphill (did I forget to mention that?).  We watched a madly displaying Redstart (the female just picked up nesting material) and the nesting Phoebes and Chipping sparrows.   The Ruby-throated Hummingbird perched on the end of the bare branch looking like a bud.   In the end, we six birders recorded 36 species, enjoyed a sunny day and a good workout.