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Breakfast and Upriver to Turners Falls

Turners Falls

April 7, 2019

Howard Schwartz & Seth Kellogg

After the usual wonderful breakfast at Sylvester’s Restaurant in Northampton, we drove to Montague.  Most of the ice was gone and there were 150 Ring-necked Ducks, 3 Mute Swan, 42 Common and 7 Hooded Merganser, 6 Bufflehead, 4 Goldeneye, a pair of Wigeon, a few Black Ducks, 2 Wood Duck, and a dozen Mallards.  We were shocked and surprised by a Coyote tip-tip-toeing across the thin ice near far shore.  Two Bald Eagles flew over with one close carrying a long twig to the nest.  From the park we could see one eagle on the nest and one perched nearby.  We saw two Great Blue Herons fly over from there and the lingering Snow Goose.

The Rod & Gun Club was next with 8 Bufflehead, plus hordes of ducks migrating north high overhead.  Also there, was a Phoebe and few more Common Mergansers.  We stopped at the airport next and heard a Killdeer calling and flying past, eventually seeing it close and unmoving.  A Meadowlark was more unmoving and distant.  After a rest top at usual spot, we drove down along canal, where only a few Ring-necked Ducks were gathered.  At the turn-off, a Pine Warbler sang constantly and came into good view.  Two others were heard farther away.  It was a calm day with temps of 50-60.