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Hollow Rd, Hampden

Hollow Rd, Hampden

May 27, 2018

Donna Morrison

Five people participated in this walk at Laughing Brook (Hampden) and Hollow Road (Hampden and Wilbraham).  The morning was cool, mid to upper 50's, and overcast.  We covered about 2 to 2 1/2 miles.  A total of 44 species were observed and/or heard.  

Highlights included a good look at one Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, hearing one Alder Flycatcher, a small flock of about 19 Cedar Waxwings, one male House Finch with 3 begging young, hearing a number of Veeries and getting a good look at one.  Warblers were also spotted, including two Blue-winged, one Prairie, one Common Yellowthroat and a few Yellow Warblers to round out the group.  Notable on the trip was the lack of Wood Thrushes, none heard or seen, and the lack of Bobolinks.  Two of us extended the trip by going to South Road in Hampden to observe 4 Bobolinks.