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Lake Wallace, Belchertown

Lake Wallace, Belchertown

May 6, 2018

Tim Carter

We started the trip under a rainy sky, but it let up some so we proceeded with light rain for most of the trip.  Six people showed up and when we parked, we were delighted to and hear and see plenty of birds.  

We started with a group of around a dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers and in this group were also our first Black-and-white Warbler of the day and a Yellow Warbler.  The water also had some action, as we had a brief look at a Kingfisher, who then seemed to disappear for the rest of the trip, and a pair of Hooded Mergansers.  

The field was filled with swallows that darted right around us (you could almost reach out and grab them) and we were able to easily see the differences between the Tree, Northern Rough-winged and a lone Barn Swallow that were flying so close.  As we worked our way along the shore, we spotted a pair of Canada Geese with 4 goslings and had a Baltimore Oriole singing over our heads.  We saw Great Blue Herons fixing up their nests and occupying at least one of them.  We also had a low flyby of a single Raven.  

As we reached the small concrete bridge, we got so see a pair of Bluebirds and a Hermit Thrush.  The woods did not yield a ton of birds, but we got good looks at some Black-and-white Warblers and flushed a pair of Wood ducks.  No sign of the Sora or Virginia Rails.  As we headed back to the cars, we caught sight of our lone sparrow of the day, a Chipping Sparrow.  

I think the rain kept some of the birds quiet, as usually I would expect some vireos, gnatcatchers, more variety of sparrows and a number of flycatchers all of which seemed absent (ie staying out of the rain), but still an enjoyable trip with some good birds.  We walked a little over a mile and ended the day with 32 species (usually a trip at the end of April/start of May would yield 40-50 species in this area).