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Fort River WMA

Fort River WMA

April 22, 2018

Tim Carter

We started by breaking my personal streak of it raining on every trip I lead.  While it started out a little cold, it ended up being a beautiful sunny and warm day.  A total of 7 members were there for the walk and got many of the usual suspects.  

The Brown Thrasher showed up, perched high on a tree and sang for a good hour.  We scoped it so everyone got good looks.  Field Sparrows were there in numbers and singing their hearts out along with Song, White-throated, Swamp and Savannah.  We had great looks at a Hermit Thrush and probably the biggest surprise was an early Blue-headed Vireo.  We only had a few Palm Warblers and a single Pine.  Barn and Tree Swallows were both present.  We left, deciding to take a look for the Meadowlark on Moody Bridge Rd and, while we did not see him, we did get to see 2 male Kestrels in the fields and on one of the nest boxes.  There were 35 species in total.  All-in-all, it was a really nice morning of birding with a total of 35 species.