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Agawam & Longmeadow

Longmeadow & Agawam

April 7, 2018

Seth Kellogg

There were 10 people on the trip to Longmeadow and West Springfield.  The water was high at Pynchon Point, but we found 8 Wood Duck, Carolina Wren singing, and a Field Sparrow.  

Pondside in Longmeadow had Harrier, 2 Green-winged Teal, 3 Ring-necked Duck, Goldeneye, 4 Wood Duck, Pied-billed Grebe, swans chasing geese, 150 Tree Swallows, mostly perched on bushes.  We drove to Eastern States to find water very high and muddy in the marsh.  The field had Killdeer, Kingfishers in the marsh and along river with Common Merganser.  The dike area had 2 Kestrel and a Bald Eagle.  Bondi’s had 2 Turkey.