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Blueberry Hill Hawkwatch & Picnic

Blueberry Hill, Granville

September 16, 2017

John Weeks

The low fog and clouds had already begun to clear when the first watchers arrived at 9:15 on Blueberry Hill.  Others quickly joined us, most of them from the Hoffmann Club, including Chris Blagdon and Holly Higinbotham.  They made up the group of 10-12 for the early-day walk through the woods in search of warblers.  The pishing and low trees worked well, providing close looks at 2 Ovenbird, Black & White, 5 Redstart, 6 Parula, 3 Magnolia, 2 Chestnut-sided, Blackpoll, 4 Bt Blue, 3 Bt Green, and 2 Yellow-rumped Warblers.  We also had Philadelphia, Blue-headed, and Red-eyed Vireo.  While at the lookout we had Phoebe, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and Sapsucker.  Raptors not migrating were 3 Bald Eagle, 2 Cooper’s Hawks, and a Red-shouldered Hawk, plus Turkey Vultures and 2 Black Vultures.  Migrants were 4 Osprey, a young Harrier, 23 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 2 Cooper’s Hawks, 92 Broad-winged hawks in small groups, 3 Merlin, and 9 Kestrels.  Two of the Merlins were having a dog fight and 5 Kestrels came at one time late in day.  There were 135 total raptors seen.  Oh yes, the spread of food brought by all was amazing.

John's official count included:
       Osprey 5
       Harrier 1 juvenile
       Sharp-shins 23
       Cooper's 2
       Broad-wings 92
       Kestrels 9 (5 came in together at 4:30 PM) Merlin 3 (including the two that put on the spectacular dog fight) TOTAL RAPTOR MIGRANTS: 135
       Black Vultures 2
       Bald Eagles 3
       Red-shouldered Hawk
       Cooper's (local)
       Phily, Red-eyed and Blue-headed Vireo
       Ruby-crowned Kinglet
       Nine warbler species (no numbers were given):
       American Redstart
       No. Parula
       BT Blue
       BT Green