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Adirondacks, NY

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June 17, 2017

Kathy & Myles Conway

Six members headed to the Adirondacks for this year's Northern New England trip.  Weather was predicted to be overcast and showery, but we enjoyed two full days of good weather (80's, hot, humid, sunny), and most of a third day before heavy rains fell.  We visited some of the usual spots - Moose River Plain Road, Ferd's Bog, Raquette Lake marsh, and also added some new sites.  We obtained permission from Nature Conservancy for access to Spring Pond Bog just outside of Tupper Lake, and found 3 Gray Jays there.  

On a tip from a local birder that it was a good location for Black-backed Woodpecker, we visited the Northville/Lake Placid Trail outside of Long Lake.  Though we failed to find a woodpecker, we did add two Merlins to the list there.  At nearby Shaw Pond we had great looks at Virginia Rail and American Bittern.  Later at Bloomingdale Bog we found Palm Warblers, and at Floodwood Road we found our family of Common Loons.  

On the third day, since rain threatened, we took a shorter route to the grasslands in Fort Edward.  We tried for Mourning Warbler on Cornell Road in Newcomb, without good result.  Then we drove up Tahawus Road into more boreal territory, but did not find our targets.  On our way to the grasslands we added Fish Crow as a first on these trips, and the grasslands themselves were productive, with Savannah Sparrows, Meadowlark, Harrier, and "best views ever" of Grasshopper Sparrow.  Soon the heavens opened up, and we headed south to home.  A Double-crested Cormorant was the last addition to end our list at a respectable 108 species.  Since 113 is our high total for the 5 years we've led this trip, we were very satisfied and counted this as a very good trip.