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Agawam & Southwick


January 7, 2017

Seth Kellogg

A coastal snowstorm caused us to cancel the trip to the south shore.  In its place we were able to take a local morning trip in Agawam and Southwick with 3 cars and 9 people.  We checked the river early, finding a mass of 2000+ geese packed at the north end of Long Meadow Island.  Two Peregrines were active in the area along with an adult and an immature Bald Eagle.  Scattered on the water were both Common Goldeneyes and Common Mergansers.  The road where we parked had a nearby wooded area where we could hear Brown Creepers and a Golden-crowned Kinglet.  Arriving at the Congamond Lakes, we found another thousand Canada Geese on the open water.  Near them were two Greater Scaup, four Ring-necked Duck, and two Hooded Mergansers.  In the nearby trees we spotted a Pileated Woodpecker and a Cooper’s Hawk.  We stopped at the Southwick Wildlife Management Area and were thrilled by a Harrier hunting low over the grasslands.  After a break of good coffee and delightful snacks at the Notch Visitor Center, we headed back to the river, spotting a Red-shouldered Hawk perched beside the road.  The seven Turkeys that spent the winter at the landfill were the last birds spotted before snow began to fall.