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Stebbins Refuge Morning Walk

Stebbins Refuge

September 21, 2016

George Kingston

The morning started out foggy, but cleared quickly with a slow warming and light winds for ten of us who stopped along Pondside Road and walked into the Bark Haul area.  We counted an amazing 30 Great Egrets in one pool beside the road.  More spread out were 24 Wood Duck, 15 Great Blue Heron and 2 Green Heron.  A Kingfisher was working one pond and a Peregrine Falcon flashed past.  Other highlights were Phoebes, Redstarts, and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks as well as a single Red-breasted Nuthatch, a Red-eyed Vireo and 2 Magnolia Warblers.  A small flock of Purple Finches also showed up, all part of 38 different species.