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Blueberry Hill Hawkwatch & Picnic

Blueberry Hill, Granville

September 17, 2016

John Weeks

The hawkwatch and picnic on Blueberry Hill had 25 people, but only 32 migrants counted, thanks to the south winds and heavy air.  The best migrants were a Merlin and a Harrier, but we did note a dozen high Broadwings and as many close Kestrels.  There were only 2 Ospreys and 3 Sharpshins moving.  Local raptors included a few Redtails, two Bald Eagles, and one Cooper’s Hawk.  The wine and goodies improved our mood, but surprisingly not the flight.  The handful of non-raptors included a Raven, a Pileated, 30 Cedar Waxwings, 2 Hummingbirds, and a Philadelphia Vireo.