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Mother's Day Walk at Robinson State Park, Agawam

Robinson State Park in Agawam

May 8, 2016

John Hutchison

It was our 65th year for a Mother’s Day excursion through Robinson State Park, a walk plagued by showers that eventually cut the trip short.  It was also the earliest possible date and followed up a week of cold, wet weather.  Still, over 20 walkers were not deterred, and we managed to find Blue-headed Vireo and Gnatcatchers, several Ovenbirds, and a loud Louisiana Waterthrush.  Even louder was the Wood Thrush that sang as we entered the park, the first of several.  Catbirds were chortling deep in the bushes and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were singing their sweet melody.  Other warblers in the almost leafless trees were Black-and-white, Redstart, three Black-throated Blue, Yellowrumps and Black-throated Greens.  A good show was put on by some Black-throated Blue Warblers.  A couple of Scarlet Tanagers and Baltimore Orioles crowned our brief venture.  When the rain got heavy, hosts Madeline Novak and Steve Perreault offered delicious goodies and warming coffee in their home beside the park.  The Ruby-throated Hummingbird at the feeder there was an added feast for the eyes.