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Breakfast & Upriver to Turners Falls

Turners Falls

April 16, 2016

Seth Kellogg

Only six came to the scrumptious breakfast at Sylvester’s, and the first birding idea was to check out the Wilson’s Snipe behind one of the malls in Hadley.  We parked and walked along a wet gully until the birds jumped and flew farther along one at a time, with five seen.  Also there was a Killdeer.  A run through the Honeypot on the way to Rte. 91 north got us only a singing Brown Thrasher.  We met up with two more people at Riverview Road, where the sun off the water at Barton Cove was blinding.  We still managed to note three Double-crested Cormorants and a few Mute Swans.  A small group of Tree and Rough-winged Swallows circled low over our heads.  From Barton Cove we spotted a pair of Ring-necked Ducks, more swans, and better looks at the eagle on its nest.  We drove to the Rod and Gun Club to find more swans and some circling Turkey Vultures.  The airport had two Kestrels, a Bluebird, and 2 singing Field Sparrows.  On the Power Canal there was only a female Bufflehead diving constantly, and in the trees overhead a singing Pine Warbler.