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Allen Bird Club Membership Information

Annual dues for membership in the Allen Bird Club are due in September, for the Club year September 1, - August 31st of the following year.  If you are a new member, joining after April 1, your membership is extended through the following year.  The names of paid members and honorary members are listed in our program booklet.

If your company participates in the matching gifts program, please consider applying for these funds.  The Allen Bird Club qualifies to receive such gifts because of its non-profit status.

We greatly appreciate those who can contribute as Supporting, Sustaining, or Sponsoring Members, or who make extra contributions to the Fannie Stebbins Wildlife Refuge.

Student Membership ($7.00) – Description

Individual Membership ($12.00) – Description

Family Membership ($16.00) – Description

Supporting Membership ($25.00) – Description

Sustaining Membership ($40.00) – Description

Sponsoring Membership ($75.00) – Description

Please provide the following information as you wish it to appear in the ABC booklet in the special instructions to the seller section, or renewing members, indicate if you want your contact information to remain the same as it appears in the last booklet.


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The Allen Bird Club is classified as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  All contributions, including membership dues, are tax-deductible.