Allen Bird Club

Allen Bird Club Membership Benefits

Members receive the annual Allen Bird Club program booklet filled with details about the Club and all our events… Year-round Field Trips, Bird Counts, Picnics, and Evening Programs.

All for as little as $12.00 per year!

  • Trips:  The ABC runs more than fifty birding field trips each year, including short walks, longer car trips, and overnight/weekend getaways.  Guests are welcome.  All trips and events are listed in our handy program booklet.
  • Bird Counts:  Members are invited to participate in any or all of our yearly bird counts – Spring Counts in May and June and two Christmas Bird Counts in December.  Join a team and learn how to collect and record bird presence data for citizen science projects.
  • Picnics:  We host a Summer Picnic in July at Noble View in Russell, and a Fall Hawkwatch Picnic on Blueberry Hill in Granville.  Both events have become popular with members because we couple good birding with home-cooked food and lots of fun!
  • Bird News of WM:  By sending an email to Seth Kellogg and telling him you wish to subscribe to Bird News of WM, up-to-date lists of bird sightings in western Mass will be emailed to you.  It is the most convenient way to find out about current rarities in the area.
  • Evening Programs:  The ABC sponsors monthly meetings from October through May giving members the opportunity to share recent sightings at their bird feeders, become informed about current conservation issues and bird news, and enjoy a program presented by a notable guest speaker.  The meeting is capped off with refreshments and homemade goodies at our hospitality table.
  • New Friends:  Club members enjoy sharing their birding knowledge and helping each other sharpen skills.  Meet some of us by joining in on a field trip or attending one of our evening programs.


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