Allen Bird Club

Allen Bird Club Monthly Meetings

MEETINGS are held the first Monday of each month, October through December and March through May, at 7:30 pm, in the Tolman Wing of the Springfield Science Museum (The Quadrangle). Parking is in the Edwards St. lot, one block from Chestnut St. and State St. in Springfield. 

March 2019

4 Mon.     Regular Meeting - Richard Guthrie
Cuba-Birds-People-Cars and Cigars

Richard Guthrie will share experiences from a visit with Boston University based Birds Caribbean to this fascinating island, long off limits to Americans.  We'll look at birds, of course, with emphasis on the endemics on their home turf.  As the title suggests, we'll also have a glimpse at the everyday life of Cuban residents.  Then we'll see lots of vintage cars, meticulously maintained through many ingenious means to keep them running, and looking great.  Test your knowledge and recollections of vintage Fords, Chevys, Cadillacs, Dodges, DeSotos, and more...

April 2019

1 Mon.     Regular Meeting - Sam Fried
Ecuador's Galapagos and Peru's Machu Picchu

We commence our journey at Ecuador's Cotopaxi National Park in the Andes Mountains, protecting the highest volcanic (20,000 feet) mountain in the country.   Next, we visit the amazing Galapagos Islands, isolated 600 miles off the coast.  This archipelago is a natural laboratory of evolution, ready to reveal its ancient secrets.  The animals here never developed any fear of humans and are as curious about you as you are of them.  Traveling on a small boat we visit many islands with their own distinctly evolved species.   From Darwin's enigmatic finches, giant tortoises, lizards, sea lions, penguins, iguanas, flamingoes and fish, we discover the intimate lives of the Galapagos.  Finally, a journey to Peru showcases the Inca civilization at world-renowned Machu Picchu, where the ancient architecture and engineering is as astonishing as the wildlife of the Galapagos!

May 2019

6 Mon.      Regular and Annual Meeting - Lois Richardson
Birding the Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas and protected by a geography of high mountains and deep valleys, Bhutan has remained one of the more mysterious countries in the world.  Colorful birds, fluttering prayer flags, visits to ancient shrines and fortresses, and beautiful scenery were all part of a birding adventure in this magical place.

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